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Dementia Friendly Communities (Helmsdale)

Dementia Friendly Communities Helmsdale was awarded £215,000 to run from April 2015 to 31 March 2018.  DFC Helmsdale is now called Connecting Communities.

Dementia Friendly Communities Helmsdale was originally developed to support rural dementia families, but over time a socially inclusive programme which relies on the compassionate support of the whole community to sustain all older folk – irrespective of their situation – was developed.

The project always spearheaded transformational change for dementia families in remote rural areas. Over the years a socially inclusive community ‘Circle of Support’ for all older folk – not only people affected by dementia – was developed which is so successful that DFC Helmsdale is now regarded as a model of rural excellence for community support in the Highlands. Projects that make up the Circle of Support include Helmsdale Village Hub, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Dinner To Your Door, Helmsdale Men’s Shed, interactive screens to facilitate improved connection between rural locations, Art ‘n Blether and awareness events.

The impact of this project has seen the community recognising and embracing the challenges a life with dementia presents to the families affected, supporting them to live life to its full potential, as well as tackling inequalities. Socially inclusive intergenerational events and activities are promoted and people with dementia and carers are empowered to become involved and do things that matter to them, which means they are not just taking from, but also giving back to society, a key ingredient to having a sense of wellbeing.

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