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Driving and Dementia

This very useful resource was written by James, a person who lives with dementia, who wanted to share his experience of giving up driving because he thought it might help other people with dementia who have to do the same.

Once you have passed your driving test, the law assumes you are able to drive unless you are disqualified for some traffic offences, or are judged no longer able to drive safely, due to certain illnesses, dementia being one.

James talks us through what it was like when he started to notice difficulties with his driving, his dementia diagnosis, how he coped with eventually having to give up driving altogether, and the impact it had on his life.

He offers tips and advice on how to move forward with a dementia diagnosis and how it affects driving and mobility, and also provides information on useful resources for drivers who have medical conditions.

James is still a very active member of his community and is also an advisor for the Life Changes Trust. Just because he now gets the bus, does not mean that he is no longer in the driving seat of his own life.

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