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Each and Every Child

The Life Changes Trust has invested £175,000 in the innovative Each and Every Child initiative, which began in February 2021 and will run for an initial three-year period.

Each and Every Child aims to tell a fresh, inspiring story about care experience and improve the life chances of children, young people and families.

The Collaborative

Each and Every Child is a collaborative initiative hosted by the Robertson Trust and supported by a Management Group which includes CELCIS, the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, the Promise, the Scottish Government and Social Work Scotland along with two independent consultants. Legacy funding from the Trust has a particular focus on the initiative’s work with the Voices of Experience group, where people with lived experience of care influence and shape Each and Every Child. 

The expected outcomes for this work are:

  • People with lived experience of care are empowered, equipped and have ownership of the framing techniques when telling their/a story, to be able to contribute to their desired impact
  • People with lived experience of care understand how framing can contribute to the positive and progressive change that they want
  • People who have never shared their story feel encouraged to do so, with new voices speaking about care experience

The Trust has always believed that investing in the voice of young people themselves is foundational to lasting transformation. We also recognise the wider system factors that get in the way of young people/young adults achieving their potential. The reality is that many young people with care experience still face negative attitudes which can colour the way they think of themselves, sometimes with lifelong consequences.

That is why the work of Each and Every Child is so vital, in offering tools and approaches to working alongside and communicating about care experience in ways which can shift wider public perceptions. 

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