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Edinburgh Leisure

Edinburgh Leisure was awarded £189,209 in August 2017, to run until July 2020. 

Edinburgh Leisure applied for funding in order to start the ‘Movement for Memories’ project which is designed to support people living with dementia to be active. They also support people who are not formally diagnosed but are showing signs and symptoms that they likely have dementia. With various activities, including swimming, the gym, golf, tennis and fitness classes, there is something for everyone.  These activities are held in either Edinburgh Leisure’s own venues, in partner venues or in community settings.
They also offer a Dementia Friendly Buddy Service, delivered by volunteers which support people living with dementia to access a range of activities more confidently.  All Movement for Memories participants receive an Edinburgh Leisure Get Active card providing 12 weeks free access to gym, swim, golf, tennis and fitness classes followed by 9 months of concessionary access. There are also concessions for those who care for someone with dementia.

People living with dementia and carers are benefitting from this project with positive and improved physical and mental health, a better quality of life and well being, and better integration into their own communities.

Read our Dementia Friendly Communities Reports and Toolkit by searching for them on our publications page.

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