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ENABLE ‘Cuppa Club’

ENABLE was awarded £105,000 in October 2015 to run until September 2019 for their project ‘Cuppa Club’.

Cuppa Club is a support, friendship and advice service in Moray, based on the successful Cuppa Club in Glasgow. It is a peer support initiative for older carers of people with learning disabilities who are experiencing dementia. 

This type of support will help to increase the capacity of older carers to be more connected to their community, and in turn decrease their social isolation by providing a respite, friendship and information service.

Activities include coffee afternoons (home baking and entertainment), hand massage, personal therapies and poetry readings. Information sessions are determined by the needs of the carers but can include information about the benefit system, financial planning, wills, trusts and support services. The information sessions have been designed to help them plan for the future and to organise their finances to ensure that their loved ones receive all their entitled benefits, giving them peace of mind about the future.

This project has already helped older carers to be more connected to their community, decreasing their social isolation and improving their confidence and general wellbeing. 

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