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Faith in Older People

Faith in Older People’s Purple Bicycle Project was given a two year award of £65,000 in November 2016.

The aim of this project was to improve the quality of life of people with dementia living in care homes by increasing understanding of the role of spirituality, faith and religion in their lives, and by encouraging the provision of an environment that actively works to lift the spirits of those with dementia and their relatives.

The Purple Bicycle Project is a person-centred spiritual care resource which brings together caring practices that are often found individually within organisations that care for older people. Its unique contribution is that these practices are presented as a linked and coherent expression of care and concern for the spiritual lives of people with dementia. 

The Purple Bicycle project undertook to train 60 people associated with care in residential homes across Scotland. The intention was to introduce the Purple Bicycle concepts as a series of steps and to encourage the participants to develop a specific plan based on the particular circumstances in the different homes.

In another strand of the project, Faith in Older people undertook a mapping exercise exploring and describing the key ways in which residential care providers were delivering spiritual care to people living with dementia.

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