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Falkirk Family Firm

Falkirk Council was awarded £225,000 funding in January 2019 to run until December 2021

The Trust's Young People with Care Experience programme offered funding for projects that focussed on strengthening the knowledge and skills of the paid and voluntary workforce, so that they are more able to meet the needs and aspirations of care experienced young people. We call this 'Workforce Development'. The specific aims of the funding are to support the paid and voluntary workforce to put love and relationships at the heart of the care system, and to build a sense of shared purpose with young people.

For this project, Falkirk Council employed young people with care experience to research the experiences of their peers in relation to moving towards employment. The results of this research led to the development of this project. 

As a result, Falkirk Council’s Corporate Parenting Plan now includes the development of a ‘Family Firm’ approach, which enables local authorities and their partners to offer looked after young people and care leavers a broad range of support to help them progress to positive outcomes. This might include work experience, employment and training, or building capacity and skills.

Young people are the ones who have driven this approach and they will continue to co-produce the design and delivery of the project. They will also be involved in the content and delivery of the training sessions to all services. Their experience, views and input will shape the evolution of the project and what further opportunities they would benefit from.

For young people with care experience, gaining and sustaining regular, well paid employment to escape poverty and social isolation can be life transformational.

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