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The Fostering Network

The Fostering Network was awarded £219,362 funding in June 2019 to run until May 2022

The Trust's Young People with Care Experience programme offered funding for projects that focussed on strengthening the knowledge and skills of the paid and voluntary workforce, so that they are more able to meet the needs and aspirations of care experienced young people. We call this 'Workforce Development'. The specific aims of the funding are to support the paid and voluntary workforce to put love and relationships at the heart of the care system, and to build a sense of shared purpose with young people.

The Fostering Network’s Young Advocate project aims to empower young people in foster care and the young family members of foster carers to facilitate positive change. Working in partnership with key organisations, the Fostering Network will support and enable this group to make a positive intervention in the education system. It also aims to combat stigma and educate the educators to better understand about life in a foster home.

The Young Advocates project, funded by the Life Changes Trust and the Young Start Fund, will see young people with care experience create learning opportunities for teachers and trainee teachers around what the day-to-day reality of school or college can be like for them. They will also train foster carers to help build their awareness of how they can best support the children and young people in their care.

Supported by a steering group, the Young Advocates project will be led by young people, including young people with care experience, and the sons and daughters of foster carers. The project will strengthen relationships, raise awareness and reduce stigma within education. 

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