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Highland Council

Highland Council was awarded £252,423 for the period of 2019 to 2022

The Life Changes Trust Home and Belonging initiative has been designed to provide an opportunity to re-imagine what a fulfilling future can look like for a young person with care experience once they move on from formal care, based around a safe, welcoming and personal space – their home.

It will support young people to find a strong sense of home and belonging in their own communities, recognising that “home is not a place, it is a feeling.” All of the projects take a service design approach, were designed with young people using creative approaches, and will involve young people with care experience in their delivery and evaluation.

This project from Highland Council plans to address the emotional, social and practical challenges that young people face when moving to and managing an independent home.

Using the existing app HasAnswers, which provides practical help with everyday challenges any young person may have when setting up home for the first time, young people with care experience will co-design the development of the structure and content of the app, allowing it to evolve in response to their changing concerns.

The project will support young people with care experience to have direct and easy access to information and advice, as well as personal support if they require it, to feel safe, settled, able to address difficulties and manage their own home, and have trusted relationships/friendships that support them to feel confident to be involved in their communities.  They will have a safe space where they are respected and heard by their corporate parents, are involved in all decisions about their lives, and help inform the ongoing design of the service so that it always reflects their concerns and helps them have relationships and skills to move towards independence.  This project will be carried out in collaboration with the Calman Trust.

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