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Housing and Dementia

In April 2016, £75,200 was awarded to a group of key stakeholders in order to undertake a comprehensive review of the housing support available for people affected by dementia, and develop a set of recommendations to the public and private sector and the Scottish Government on the action and changes needed.

The project involved working with the Scottish Dementia Working Group, Trust funded dementia friendly communities, DEEP groups and other key stakeholders such as Dr Margaret Brown from the University of West of Scotland.  The result was ‘Being Home’ an authoritative ‘landmark’ report with a comprehensive overview of the current housing situation for people affected by dementia, including the existing range of housing services, support and options, together with potential solutions.  

The funding was also used to design the prototype of an online knowledge hub for housing, health and social care teams and the private sector in order to demonstrate how research/knowledge could be put into action to transform the lives of people affected by dementia and those who support them.

The stakeholders organised a national housing and dementia summit for people from across Scotland to share the learning and discuss a national action plan to address gaps and opportunities.  The Trust also hosted a Parliamentary Reception to discuss the findings. 

As a result of this project, people affected by dementia are better informed about their housing choices and are able to take decisions and plan their future. Housing Staff are better informed and are better able to support people affected by dementia to live safely and independently at home. The project was completed in March 2017.