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Impact Arts Express Yourself (North Ayrshire)

Impact Arts was awarded funding of £124,269, to run from April 2018 to March 2021.

Young people with care experience have told us that they would love more opportunities to be active and have fun, developing their interests and trying out new things in areas such as music, art, sport and crafts. The Creative and Active Lives funding initiative was created with this in mind.

The funding will support young people with care experience to increase their social networks, skills and improve their health. These projects all have young people at their heart, as the Trust works with organisations that create opportunities for young people to design and lead programmes themselves. The Trust awarded a total of £1,746,170 to fourteen Creative and Active Lives projects across Scotland.

The Impact Arts Express Yourself project supports young people with care experience to reflect on their lives and perceptions of the world around them.

From this they are asked to produce artwork which is shared and used to tell their stories. These creative activities help individuals develop their personal and artistic skills, interests and ambitions for the future. The project builds on Impact Arts’ extensive experience of helping people and communities to transform their lives through creativity and the arts.

Activities include weekly workshops and drop-in sessions focussed on photography, music-making and textile upcycling. Throughout the project, there are opportunities for the young people to display and celebrate the results of their hard work and creativity.

Having access to creative pursuits that they would have otherwise been excluded from, can give young people with care experience a sense of inclusion and empowerment, as well as an opportunity to be inspired and to think about their futures in a positive way.

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