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Knowledge is Power - English and Scottish Gaelic versions

“Dementia is life changing, but it’s not life ending. Take advantage of every opportunity offered to you. You must learn to ask for help, because nobody should be going through this on their own”.

'Knowledge is Power' is a booklet of handy hints that might help make life a little easier after a diagnosis of dementia. It has been published in both English and Scottish Gaelic.

This booklet was written by people living with dementia, for people living with dementia. It is based on the original booklet created by DEEP in Wales – with appreciation and recognition of their wisdom.

The Scottish 'Knowledge is Power' version has been adapted by the following Scottish DEEP groups:
The Beacon Club, Dementia Voices East Dunbartonshire, Scottish Dementia Alumni and STAND in Fife

The booklet includes information and advice that we hope people in Scotland will also find useful, for instance, information on benefits and allowances, travel and mobility cars, access assistance, technology and it also contains other useful resources such as websites, peer support information and opportunities to get involved. 

“Make the most of the services and supports that are available to you. Knowing what is out there really can help you – knowledge is power!”

You can download the 'Knowledge is Power' English language version here

You can download the 'Knowledge is Power' Scottish Gaelic version here