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Laurels Lodge, Aberdeen

Laurels Lodge were awarded £19,000 for the period of November 2018 to October 2019.

The Life Changes Trust invested a total of £135,000 to ensure that the rights of people living with dementia in care homes are recognised and respected. Care homes across Scotland received funding to demonstrate how they support the inclusion and participation of residents with dementia in a meaningful way, so that residents have a genuine say in their own day to day lives.

Each of the funded projects is designed to show how the Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care Standards will work in practice, demonstrating how to treat residents with real respect and dignity and uphold their human rights.

Laurel’s Lodge provide specialist dementia care. The purpose of the funding was to co-create anticipatory care planning to enable the human rights of those living with dementia to be met in the final phases of their life. This project was delivered in partnership with Robert Gordon University, NHS Grampian and University of West of Scotland/My Home Life.

Anticipatory care planning has at its heart the desire to help people think ahead and be proactive in planning and making known their own care decisions and preferences as their illness advances and at the end of life. For the staff team this means working closely with families (who might have power of attorney or guardianship) to ensure that the person's previous preferences are not lost in discussions and decision making around anticipatory care with professionals. From a ‘rights’ perspective this is challenging and requires excellent adapted communication with people with dementia and those who support them.

Laurels Lodge believe that people living with dementia in their care home should not have to compromise their autonomy or human rights.

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