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Learning Channel

The overall purpose of this £200,000 three-year legacy initiative is to ensure the continued application and use of the evidence and learning the Young People with Care Experience Programme has gathered over the last 9 years. 

What is the ‘Learning Channel?

The Life Changes Trust leaves a legacy of rich learning for everyone involved in the lives of care experienced young people. It is important that this learning does not lie dormant and can be used to improve services, organisations and, most importantly, the lives of young people. 

The aims of the Learning Channel are:

  • To provide easy access to learning resources and tools to anyone interested in engaging with young people with care experience
  • To develop new online learning content based on Trust learning and evaluations (e.g. an online learning course on relationship-based practice)
  • To offer an (online) space for people engaged in relevant Networks or communities of practice

The Programme

The Learning Channel, hosted by the Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum (Staf) will ensure that the evidence and learning the young people with care experience programme has gathered over the last 9 years is not only secured, but actively utilised to influence policy and practice within the care sector. In addition to holding our commissioned evaluations, films, webinars, and other reports, the Learning Channel will also drive the development of new content and resources.

It will be a place for the further development of Communities of Practice, where like-minded people can come together around thematic areas - for example, inclusion and equalities - to share practice and provide each other with support. Most importantly, the Learning Channel will share the learning and evidence with a variety of audiences, including Local Authority staff, third sector organisations, and policy-makers through a programme of learning and influencing events.

To ensure that the Learning Channel respects the legacy of learning whilst building on continued learning for the future, Staf will establish an advisory group of young people, practitioners and policymakers that will be supported to guide and oversee this work. 

If you would like any additional information about the Learning Channel or are interested in being a part of this advisory group, please contact for more information.

Staf will host all of this data and will work to develop a programme over at least the next three years which will both showcase the work and impact that has taken place and will support the sector to use this data to support learning and development.

Staf will develop new online learning content which will include a new learning course based on Relationship-based Practice. This will be modular in its approach and host content from the Trust and other sources like Staf's REAL Toolkit. They will develop this with a group of young people and will seek to have this accreditable for CPD.

There will also be the potential to continue and further develop focussed groups around the themes of the learning. While these will be co-designed with young people, they will likely include communities of practice around Rights and Equalities, Home and Belonging, Individual Grants and/or Creativity in Care.

Staf also propose developing a series of open-door events where individual projects host colleagues - virtually or face to face - to share what they do and have learned. They have run these open-door events in the past and they have proven to be very useful learning experiences for workers.

There will be the opportunity for young people involved in other legacy projects to be involved in the Learning Channel, and any advisory group will not be a closed group. Young people will be supported to dip in and out as they choose and will also be supported to commit to a longer-term involvement should they wish.

Staf are also involved in the National Leadership Network and as that work develops they will be well placed to share this work and feed this into the network as an opportunity that young people can be involved in.