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LGBT Youth Scotland

LGBT Youth Scotland was awarded £75,000 for the period of April 2018 to September 2020

All of the Trust’s funding awards aim to benefit the full diversity of young people who are currently part of or have a background in the care system. The Rights and Equalities funding initiative is designed to support projects which target young people with care experience who may face additional disadvantage due to protected characteristics, experience of youth justice, homelessness or mental ill-health.

LGBT Youth Scotland set-up, developed and implemented a new Youth Commission focused on the needs and experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people with care experience. With this project, they are exercising their right to be heard on their experience of the care system, for instance with their findings informing the Independent Care Review.

The project directly benefits the 15 LGBT young people with care experience who were recruited to make up the Commission and, indirectly, young people across the country as their views are better represented and influence on policy is directly felt.

Professionals in the care sector will also benefit as the Commission maps organisations across the country, offers training and development opportunities and builds up a bank of resources and web content.

LGBT young people with care experience involved in this project have improved their confidence and increased their skills in influencing key decision makers (particularly within the Independent Care Review process), and therefore can better exercise their rights. 

LGBT Youth Scotland’s vision is that by the end of the project, LGBT young people’s views will be listened to and reflected in recommendations and meaningful service change.

Read more about LGBT Youth Scotland on their website