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Midlothian House Project

Midlothian Council was awarded £150,323 for the period of 2019 to 2022 to set up a Local House Project for young people leaving care.

Midlothian Council identified that it had no consistent tenancy pathway in place to support care leavers in their tenancy, which resulted in a very high number of tenancy breakdowns and the use of inadequate housing options. 

The House Project approach will allow Midlothian to take full advantage of their housing stock and will facilitate the formation of a robust framework to establish an effective housing pathway for young people leaving care. Due to the small size of the Local Authority, Midlothian will allow for some flexibility and will consider a wider cohort of young people, including those on the ‘edge of care’ or beyond 18 years old.  

After consultation with their Care Leavers group, Midlothian Council decided that they would incorporate some variations to the National House Project approach to create a Midlothian specific House Project. These include the incorporation of health & wellbeing activities within the project, a focus on transport and safety, the involvement of family and friends, flexibility to allow for shared living if this is what the young person prefers, and the possibility for the facilitators involved within the project to take on a wider coordination role of the professionals involved in the young people’s lives.   

It is expected that the project will improve housing outcomes for young people leaving care in Midlothian, and provide a framework that not only provides the physical resources to set up home but neighbourhood and community integration support. It will empower care leavers to be confident and live safely within their communities, and will support them to achieve their own actualisation through relationship-based practice. 

About the National House Project  

The National House Project provides support and expertise to Local Authorities to set up Local House Projects for young people leaving care. The approach is centred around small groups of young people becoming part of a community that supports them to develop the practical and emotional skills that they need to live independently. Through each Local House Project, young people work on houses that will become theirs to live in, and their community of support means that they have trusted relationships in place to help them as they set up home for the first time.  

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