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The National Leadership Network

As part of its legacy work, the Life Changes Trust is kick starting a new 5-year initiative. The National Leadership Network (Young People with Care Experience) is the working title for this new project.

With a focus on leadership in all its shapes and forms, it aims to complement existing projects and networks and work with young people with care experience, their allies and supporters. 

Through our funding we have seen what young people can achieve when we invest in them properly and listen deeply to their diverse perspectives. We also know more about supporting young people to engage and the barriers that sometimes get in the way. Finally, we have seen the power of reaching out to those who support young people and helping them to grow personally and professionally, creating the right conditions for relationships to flourish. 

To build on this learning and to ensure that investment in the potential of young people with care experience continues beyond the lifetime of the Trust, we are investing in the National Leadership Network.

What is the network? 

The National Leadership Network aims to:  

The aims of the network are:

  • to support the personal and professional development of young people with care experience in ways that suit their needs and aspirations 
  • to strengthen the relationship networks between and around young people with care experience
  • to provide opportunities to build alliances between young people with care experience, their supporters and other communities with a focus on sharing ideas and developing skills 
  • to support the development of active citizenship and democratic participation 

Although the network is at an early stage, it is vital for the success of the initiative that young people with care experience and their supporters and allies can play a full role in shaping the National Network and make decisions about its activities and approach to delivery from the beginning.

While the National Leadership Network is being funded and currently hosted by the Life Changes Trust, the network will go on beyond the life of the Trust as an independent entity, and with a new host.

The new host, which will be selected via a grant-funding process, will deliver the Network from January 2022 until December 2026. Funding of £1m was available for this exciting new initiative and the Trust used an open call two-stage process to select the organisations who will host and deliver the Network from January 2022 onwards.

More information will be available here soon.

We recently ran a series of workshops to discuss hosting the National Leadership Network, where we took some time to discuss the concept of leadership and the development of the Network.

The conversations were so rich and interesting that we have pulled together a short report of feedback and actions which we have shared with everyone who came to the sessions. As we are keen to keep as many young people, allies and supporters involved we wanted to make this public too.

You can download the 'Feedback and Actions from the National Leadership Network Host Workshops' here

If you would like to find out more, or how you can be involved as a young person, please contact us:

Gary Brown - National Leadership Network Development Co-ordinator

Email Gary

Lisa Thomson – Senior Development Officer

Email Lisa

You can also follow the network on twitter

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