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National Leadership Network

The Life Changes Trust leaves a body of rich learning for everyone involved in the lives of young people with care experience. It is important that this learning does not lie dormant and can be used to improve services, organisations and, most importantly, the lives of young people.

To ensure that the evidence and learning the Young People with Care Experience Programme has gathered over the last 9 years is actively utilised to influence policy and practice within the care sector, there has been significant investment in legacy partners.

In 2021, the National Leadership Network (NLN) was awarded £1.3 million over 5 years as a legacy partner, to work with people of all ages while they follow their own leadership journey.

The National Leadership Network will sit at the centre of the Trust’s legacy for young people with care experience. It will play a particular role in convening a learning community consisting of all legacy partners for YPCE and support the continual development of good practice in relation to young people leading – in terms of vision, governance, delivery and evaluation.    

The aims of the Network are to encourage, sign post and facilitate personal and professional development opportunities and experiences, and to strengthen personal and organisational relationships and alliances in the national care experience community.  As the name suggests, it will focus on leadership in all its shapes and forms, and it will have young people front and centre in paid and voluntary positions determining the path of the Network moving forward.

To deliver this programme of work the NLN has appointed partners to bring a broad level of expertise and experience.  They are:

  • Children and Young People’s Centre for Criminal Justice (CYCJ)
  • Columba 1400
  • Resilience Learning Partnership (RLP)
  • Scottish Through Care and After Care Forum (Staf)
  • Who Cares? Scotland

A group of people with care experience will also be responsible for the NLNs governance, oversight and main decision making.

People with care experience are front and centre of the National Leadership Network, which aims to support personal and professional development in all aspects of leadership. People with care experience shape what the Network is, what is does and what it focuses on, and are able to define what leadership means to them.

The NLN aims to be what people want it to be and as such, it will change and evolve over time.