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North East Angus Care Home Improvement Group

North East Angus Care Home Improvement Group was awarded £15,921 for the period of December 2018 to December 2020.

The Life Changes Trust invested a total of £135,000 to ensure that the rights of people living with dementia in care homes are recognised and respected. Care homes across Scotland received funding to demonstrate how they support the inclusion and participation of residents with dementia in a meaningful way, so that residents have a genuine say in their own day to day lives.

Each of the funded projects is designed to show how the Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care Standards will work in practice, demonstrating how to treat residents with real respect and dignity and uphold their human rights.

The primary aim of this funding is to build up a good practice resource/toolkit (in the form of a mobile app) for care homes so that they can develop a suite of responses to enable meaningful participation and inclusion.

The project focus will be on assisting services to move towards providing participation and inclusion strategies that are centred around the needs of individuals. This means recognising that one formal process may not be the most appropriate method for including all, regardless of their ability and cognition.

A major part of the project will focus on changing the culture of care, which aims to embed the right to participation and inclusion in everyday work to challenge the notion of it being an add-on which takes place in formal settings.

The project will look to base improvements around notions of being person-centred with no 'one size fits all' approach but rather giving staff a chance to explore a range of ideas to see which work for certain people at certain times to ensure that they are appropriate and working for the individual.