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North West Carers Centre

North West Carers Centre was awarded £105,000 in October 2015, to run until September 2020.

This project is a peer support service for carers of people with dementia, giving them a chance to socialise with someone who understands the impact of their caring responsibilities and the emotional journey involved in looking after someone who has dementia. The service also provides social meetings for small groups of people with dementia with their carers, to provide some respite for carers by allowing them to enjoy the company of supportive peers.

The aim of the project is to support carers to gain confidence in their own skills and abilities, by sharing their experiences with someone who understands the difficulties and challenges they face.

One group has already moved to arranging their own shared social outings, reducing the isolation, anxiety and stress they may experience and improving their general wellbeing. Activities and support delivered through these peer relationships and groups have already resulted in an improvement in the quality of life and wellbeing for the carer, an outcome often associated with peer support projects.

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