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Outside the Box, Food Buddies

Outside the Box was awarded £94,000 in October 2015, to run until September 2020 to deliver their project ‘Food Buddies’.

Food Buddies is a peer support service for people with dementia and/or their carers, with a focus on food and keeping well.

While many older people need more advice and practical help around food, for instance with shopping, cooking and eating properly to stay well, the need for this support is greater among people affected by dementia. With Life Changes Trust funding, Outside the Box was able to develop this project to deliver peer support for people with dementia and for carers in the Scottish Borders that is related to – but not just about – food, developing a longer-term relationship that is encouraging and supportive, and which complements the other formal services for people with dementia and their carers.

Activities include group sessions that bring people together such as cooking classes, sessions on adapting to people’s changing food needs, encouragement as well as support for people with dementia and carers on ways to look after yourself and lots more.

Food Buddies projects in both the Borders and Falkirk worked with older people, their friends and families to help them share their experiences around food to help other people. Together they developed 6 Quick Tips guides: Changes in Eating Habits, Encouraging Someone to Eat, Storing your Food Safely, Getting the Motivation to Cook, and Preparing Food.

This project has already seen people with dementia becoming safer when living at home and having an improved sense of wellbeing from having someone who listens, and provides companionship for a person living with dementia. They are also experiencing better health and wellbeing from eating better and having more nutritious food that is tailored to them.

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