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Quarriers 'Renfrewshire Home and Belonging Collaborative'

Quarriers was awarded £298,486 for the period of 2019 to 2021

The Life Changes Trust Home and Belonging initiative has been designed to provide an opportunity to re-imagine what a fulfilling future can look like for a young person with care experience once they move on from formal care, based around a safe, welcoming and personal space – their home.

It will support young people to find a strong sense of home and belonging in their own communities, recognising that “home is not a place, it is a feeling.” All of the projects take a service design approach, were designed with young people using creative approaches, and will involve young people with care experience in their delivery and evaluation.

The aim of this Quarriers project is to support and empower young people with experience of care to turn houses into homes.

Quarriers and their collaborative partners will work with young people to provide them with opportunities to develop or strengthen the skills they need to stay, cope and flourish in their homes.

Young people will be given opportunities to take ownership of the environments they live in through activities such as upcycling, volunteering and engaging in mental health support, as well as support to develop practical skills such as DIY or cooking on a budget. The service has been planned around feedback from young people, many of who felt that they had no sense of ownership over their homes.  By working in collaboration with a range of partners, person-centred support can be provided, which will help to recognise values of personal importance, and identify every young person’s strengths 

There will also be a Belonging Allowance of around £2000, which will give young people the power to take control of their lives and make their own choices.  The organisations who are part of the Home and Belonging team include RAMH (Recovery Across Mental Health), Impact Arts, Engage Renfrewshire, West College Scotland and Renfrewshire Council.

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