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Research partnership; people living with dementia and ECRED

The Life Changes Trust has awarded a £5000 peer-to-peer grant to start a new peer support group, which will work as partners and contributors to the University of Edinburgh’s ECRED. 

ECRED is an interdisciplinary group of dementia researchers, people with dementia, dementia practitioners and representatives from a range of dementia organisations. They are interested in exploring and developing theories, methods and impact around the experience of living with dementia.

The idea for this project came from the Scottish Dementia Alumni, (a group of people, each with a diagnosis of dementia and also experienced in research), their lengthy history with ECRED, together with other Scottish groups keen to develop opportunities.

The project emerged after several meetings where people living with dementia shared their views on academic research and their aspirations for being able to participate in a more recognised way. They knew that people living with dementia WERE able to undertake academic research, and that their lived experience could enhance and enrich not just the process but the outcomes.

Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia (ECRED) is supporting the group with PhD student hours and a Researcher to assist them to write research bids.

The group will be part of the DEEP network and will follow DEEP guidelines, written by people living with dementia. 

The new group will be led by people living with dementia and facilitated by Paula Brown. 

It is open to anyone living in Scotland with a diagnosis of a dementia or cognitive impairment.

The group has also been awarded £8000 funding from Dementia Enquirers, through Innovations in Dementia, in order to research what is possible working in equal partnership within a university setting.

If you’d like to get involved, please contact Paula Brown: