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Sporting Memories Network

Sporting Memories Network's initial funding award was for £450,000, to run from April 2015 to March 2018 and they were awarded a further £112,000 from April 2018 to March 2020.

Sporting Memories Network brings people together in a dementia friendly community of interest where they have opportunities to be part of something that is meaningful to them and spend time with others with similar interests. Sport is a powerful medium for many people. Talking about sporting events and cultures helps give them their identity back and reconnect them to the people and generations around them.

Activities include reminiscence work, physical activities and day trips, with a specific focus on common interests, friendships and community connections, as well as the development of partnerships with other organisations and facilities in each area.

The impact of this funding, and of the activities run by SMN include: improvements in wellbeing and reduced levels of isolation for people with dementia and carers; improvements in physical health for people with dementia; isolated men and women are included in a safe and sociable environment; and people with dementia have a say in how the groups are run so that they are participating in something that genuinely matters to them.

LEARNING AND EVIDENCE: An Active Future with Dementia: How Sport & Physical Activity Can Connect Us

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th May 2021, Sporting Memories Foundation Scotland, supported by Life Changes Trust, hosted two online learning events exploring what sport and physical activity looks like for people living with dementia and unpaid carers post-Covid. 

Hosted by Sporting Memories Ambassador Stephen Halkett, we heard from projects who have innovated and transformed their delivery model so that they can continue to support their members to be active during the pandemic, and looked at what their plans are for the future.

We saw how each project has benefited people with dementia and unpaid carers, and how they will continue to inspire and support communities in providing opportunities to be active in a safe, friendly, welcoming space.  

After the event, Sporting Memories Foundation produced a ‘Summary and Learning’ document - a brief summary of the event, to provide opportunities to share further learning on this area of work.

Read the summary and evaluation report here

You can watch recordings of both events, below

 Day One: 'Staying Active at Home', Monday 17th May

The first speaker was Elaine Convery, Dance Development Officer representing Scottish Ballet’s Time to Dance project. Elaine explained how they have continued to support their participants by adapting their delivery to Facebook Live sessions and weekly Zoom classes. Elaine then demonstrated a fantastic ballet themed exercise session with the group. Next up, Sporting Memories presented their KIT bag, a new resource designed to encourage and aid activity at home. We saw how members have been using the KIT and the difference it has made to them.

You can watch this webinar, below.

Day Two: 'Getting Outdoors and Inclusive Sports Clubs', Tuesday 18th May

The first speaker was Julie Twaddell, from Dementia Friendly Prestwick. Julie talked about the weekly dementia health walks along the Prestwick Promenade and the support received from Paths for All in making it an inclusive, safe experience for local people.

Then we heard how Bowls Scotland, Age Scotland and Sporting Memories are working together to demonstrate how bowls clubs (and sports clubs) can open themselves up and encourage participation from the wider community by adopting an inclusive and creative approach.

You can watch this webinar, below.


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