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STAND Group – The Recipe for Life

The STAND Group formed in September 2019. They are a group of people living with younger onset dementia and their families and friends. They all reside in the Fife area. 

“The idea of the book started as a simple recipe book that we thought we could sell to raise funds for the group.

“Irene and Fiona, who are members of STAND, became involved in a poetry group through DEEP. This prompted them to produce some poems. Gerry, another member of the group, was then inspired by them to do some too. Gerry has also been an artist and he started to draw again. He is responsible for the front cover of the book. Gerry, Fiona and Irene are all living with younger onset dementia.

“Their work is so inspiring that we thought their it should be seen by a wider audience so we decided to make the booklet a more eclectic mix of contents.

“We wanted STAND to have its own identity and in the hope that people who read it would engage with it we wanted the stories to be more personal. We thought that if people could relate to us then they may find the content of more value.

“The audience we hope to reach are people who are worried that they may have dementia, are going through the process of being tested, who are living in the early stages of the illness.

“We think the overwhelmingly positive messages of living life as well as possible with a diagnosis are reflected in the content of the booklet.
So many people see a diagnosis of dementia as the end of the world. This booklet tells them differently.”

Ruth McCabe, Dementia Friendly Fife Initiative

Download 'The Recipe for Life' here