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Standing Tall Arts

Standing Tall Arts was awarded £103,388 for the period of June 2018 to May 2021

All of the Trust’s funding awards aim to benefit the full diversity of young people who are currently part of or have a background in the care system. The Rights and Equalities funding initiative is designed to support projects which target young people with care experience who may face additional disadvantage due to protected characteristics, experience of youth justice, homelessness or mental ill-health.

Standing Tall Arts work in partnership with Aberlour Childcare Trust and the Scottish Guardianship Service to provide a safe environment where young unaccompanied people - 18 and under - seeking asylum can engage with their peers in a range of shared arts and cultural activities to increase their physical and mental well-being.

Standing Tall Arts deliver arts and cultural participation workshops for the unaccompanied young people, with a wide range of activities, ranging from ceramics to dance, from puppet making to photography. A team of people support the group, as each young person has complex needs that can fluctuate, often depending on the success of their asylum process. 

The project also offers residential weekends for young people, guardians and participation officers, with a complete set of arts and physical activities planned. This is often the highlight of the young people’s time in Scotland since their arrival.  There are also special arts weeks held in the school/college holidays or in association with putting on a special event that represents the young people’s voices and displays their artwork for Refugee Week.

As a result of this project, young unaccompanied people feel less isolated, as they are part of a community. They develop social connections, giving them a sense of belonging, and increasing their sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Their voices are being heard, ensuring the project evolves to support them in the best way possible.