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Stirling Council - 'Oor House'

Stirling Council was awarded £195,000 for the period 2019 to 2022

The Life Changes Trust Home and Belonging initiative has been designed to provide an opportunity to re-imagine what a fulfilling future can look like for a young person with care experience once they move on from formal care, based around a safe, welcoming and personal space – their home.

It will support young people to find a strong sense of home and belonging in their own communities, recognising that “home is not a place, it is a feeling.” All of the projects take a service design approach, were designed with young people using creative approaches, and will involve young people with care experience in their delivery and evaluation.

Through consulting with young people with care experience, Stirling Council identified that many of them did not have a place they felt they could call home, and didn’t always feel safe or cared about.

They also shared that they didn’t like being on their own. One stated: “This is not a home….. for me it is the most stressful and lonely place I can be.”

The overall aim of this project is to have a place, ‘Oor House’, where young people with care experience can access support, socialise and gain skills: a ‘one-stop-shop’ that they can call home.  They will have a safe space where trusting relationships can be developed, and be able to develop new home and life skills. 

‘Oor House’ will have all of the usual ‘homely’ rooms, with a kitchen which will be the hub of the house and where cooking sessions will take place, a living room with comfy couches, a TV and game consoles, and a bathroom with shower. The other three rooms will be a training room, a one-to-one room where the furnishings and décor will follow a trauma informed design approach and a chill out space. The young people will then share their newly gained skills with the wider community, starting with their neighbours. They will also share their skills via mentoring other young people with care experience.

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