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Studio LR

Studio LR was given two funding awards, firstly of £17,500 to run from April 2016 to June 2016, and then a further £99,200 to run from November 2017 to October 2018.

Studio LR applied for funding as they wanted to be able to help older people and those with dementia to feel more confident and independent in relation to signage when they were out and about. Working with Edinburgh and Stirling Universities, they challenged first the signage typically used in care environments, then everyday symbols. 

From signs in the train station to information in brochures and websites, symbols appear in a variety of contexts in everyday life. Many of them don’t literally represent their function – making them difficult to understand for people with any cognitive impairment. Working with people living with dementia, Studio LR designed and tested a new set of everyday symbols that help people find their way around – including a valuable new symbol for people with all disabilities which was launched after a roundtable discussion and Parliamentary debate in Westminster in August 2019, supported by Martin Whitfield, MP for East Lothian.

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