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‘Things I Like About Dementia’ & ‘The Fog’ – video installations

This peer-to-peer resource consists of two video installations to capture the voices of people with dementia: ‘Things I Like About Dementia’ and ‘The Fog’ – and have been made by Christeen Winford and Jennifer Souter (Cormorant Productions & FIlm Ltd) and Edward McLaughlin, a wonderful artist who is living with dementia.

‘Things I like about dementia’ 

Edward Mclaughlin is an artist with dementia whose work inspires the confidence and imagination of his peers and the empathy and understanding of the wider community. Several exhibitions of his artwork have been held in local libraries, the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh and the Iris Murdoch Centre at Stirling University.

The Life Changes Trust awarded Edward McLaughlin and Christeen Winford £7,000 to convert his short film ‘Things I like about Dementia’, in which he talks about his life, ideas and works, into a video installation.

The video installation can be displayed at exhibitions and provides an effective, and non-traditional, way of capturing the voices of people with dementia. The first showing of this exhibition took place in June 2017 at the Festival Theatre Studio in Edinburgh and visitors were able to listen to the video installation through headphones. 

‘The Fog’

The funding was also used to create another video installation capturing reactions to a series of pictures Edward calls “The Fog”, which has sparked lots of discussion. The video features testimonies of other people diagnosed with dementia, and offers shared experiences, stories of hope and coping strategies. The film is intended to be shown alongside Edward's artwork to help create a deeper understanding of the condition and those who live with it.