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Tigh a’Rudha

Tigh a’Rudha was awarded £20,000 for the period of August 2018 to July 2019.

The Life Changes Trust invested a total of £135,000 to ensure that the rights of people living with dementia in care homes are recognised and respected. Care homes across Scotland received funding to demonstrate how they support the inclusion and participation of residents with dementia in a meaningful way, so that residents have a genuine say in their own day-to-day lives.

Each of the funded projects is designed to show how the Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care Standards will work in practice, demonstrating how to treat residents with real respect and dignity and uphold their human rights.

Tigh a' Rudha is a small, local authority care home on the Isle of Tiree. 

Because it is a small and geographically isolated island community, people with dementia who live on Tiree lack access to many of the services and groups available to people in larger communities or on the mainland. They are close to their families and their community but they have fewer opportunities to participate in the kinds of group activities (music therapy, dance, exercise, outings, art and other creative pastimes) which might lead to a richer and more fulfilling life.

The primary use of this funding was to create a dementia-friendly, sensory garden for care home residents. Residents and their families were asked for their input into the design of the garden and will be involved in how it develops. The garden gives residents the freedom to choose to go outside and not to be discriminated against because of their age and disability.  They are also able to experience the physical and mental health benefits of spending time outside, maintain the connections with the outdoors that come from living in a rural community and experience an environment which better meets their needs and respects their wishes and choices.

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