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Top Tips for living well with dementia

In 2015 a ‘Top Tips” subgroup was formed with members of the Scottish Dementia Working Group and Lynsey Robertson-Flannigan, an occupational therapy intern from Alzheimer Scotland and Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

The purpose of this group was to collect a range of tips for living well with dementia that are tried and tested by members of the group. These tips were then collated together in a booklet to be shared with people affected by dementia.

Suggestions included within this booklet may not work for everyone, but they are strategies which members of the group have found useful in helping them to live well and independently with dementia, and may be of benefit to others.

Tips include those for being happy and safe within the home, using reminders and checklists, going out and about safely and tips for being away from home.

The Scottish Dementia Workding Group hope that the tips included within this booklet will be of use to people with dementia now and for years to come.