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Transport and Dementia

The Trust funded three projects under the umbrella ‘Transport and Dementia’.

The Trust funded three projects under the umbrella ‘Transport and Dementia’. From March 2016 to February 2017, the ESP Group received £95,000 to deliver the Upstream project. In June 2017, the ESP Group received a further £119,700 for the Onwards Project, which was completed in March 2019. It also received an additional £173,000 to deliver Upstream Phase 2 (Go Upstream), which a new company – Go Upstream Ltd- took ownership of in February 2018. This last project will conclude in May 2020.

Upstream Phase 1 worked with people with dementia across Scotland to discover and share their experiences of travel. Their aim was to put the voice of people with dementia at the heart of future mobility service design by developing training for mobility service providers and creating spaces for everyone to participate and contribute to the conversation. 

Onward aimed to design and develop a financially sustainable service for Scottish people with dementia to support the transition of retiring from driving, keeping them both mobile and connected to their communities. In parallel, Go Upstream put people with dementia together with travel service staff, in order to help them share experiences and expertise, improve travel services and build a better understanding of dementia by designing solutions together.

These projects have enabled people living with dementia to co-design practical solutions for people who had to retire from driving, drawing on their own direct experiences. They benefit because transport service providers are better trained and dementia aware, and they themselves are empowered to influence the mobility and transport provision most relevant to them. 

A resource explaining the rights of people with dementia when travelling and drawing them together for the first time will be produced, as well as a toolkit to facilitate discussions between groups of people living with dementia and carers, and local transport providers. 

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