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Travelling Safely with Dementia

This project came about when a group of people with dementia devised and put together a leaflet called 'Travelling Safely with Dementia'. 

The group wanted to find ways to travel with confidence and to share these with others across Scotland.

The group started with two objectives:

  1. to produce a booklet on tips and strategies when travelling on public transport,
  2. to use the booklet to raise awareness amongst the public.

Feedback from the original booklet was very positive and there was a lot of interest from the transport sector. This spurred them on to produce a short film, with funding from the Life Changes Trust.

The booklet and film are full of useful information for people who are travelling with dementia and those who provide transport services. They cover travelling by car, bus, train, taxi, underground, ferry and air. 

Both were produced by members of the Scottish Dementia Working Group.