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Venture Trust

Venture Trust was awarded £148,744 to extend their project ‘Inspiring Young Futures’ from April 2018 to March 2021

Young people with care experience have told us that they would love more opportunities to be active and have fun, developing their interests and trying out new things in areas such as music, art, sport and crafts. The Creative and Active Lives funding initiative was created with this in mind.

The funding will support young people with care experience to increase their social networks, skills and improve their health. These projects all have young people at their heart, as the Trust works with organisations that create opportunities for young people to design and lead programmes themselves. The Trust awarded a total of £1,746,170 to fourteen Creative and Active Lives projects across Scotland.

The Inspiring Young Futures (IYF) programme is a holistic and early intervention service proven to develop self-confidence, feelings of self-worth and achievement, improved resilience and emotional wellbeing in young people with care experience.

This project gives young people the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities in a wilderness environment to improve their confidence and life skills.

IYF supports care experienced young people who are dealing with some of the most complicated and chaotic life circumstances. Underlying issues include involvement in offending or anti-social behaviour, history of substance misuse, homelessness, low academic achievement and social isolation. The programme aims to support young people with care experience to increase their confidence, increase stability, focus on building positive relationships and to identify their goals.

The programme is varied, from getting outdoors and doing activities in a wilderness environment to providing the space for young people to reflect on their aspirations and personal goals. The wilderness field teams help participants develop essential skills in problem solving, identifying and replacing negative habits with positive habits, positive relationship building, managing emotions, independent living and developing a personal routine.

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