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Voice and Vision: Creativity and Care Experience

Between Tuesday 8th June and Thursday 10th June, the Life Changes Trust hosted ‘Voice and Vision: Creativity and Care Experience’.

Creativity, in its broadest sense, has been a consistent theme through our funded work at the Life Changes Trust.  We see creative activities and experiences as a way of seeking out different ways to listen to and elevate the voices of young people and involve them in the decisions that affect their lives. 

We believe that creative activities can support young people to tell their own story, create their own narrative and express themselves and their experiences in a way they may not be able to otherwise. 
This three-day event was created to highlight the impact of creative projects on young people with care experience, as well as to provide inspiration and encouragement to young people and professionals to pursue creative opportunities. 

As Scotland works towards implementing The Promise, increasing participation and making rights real, we wanted to showcase and celebrate creative ways to elevate the voice and vision of young people with care experience at every stage of the journey. Amidst all of the enjoyment, adventure and fun that comes with creativity, there are powerful stories to be told.

We were absolutely thrilled to work with a broad range of creative partners to bring you ‘Voice & Vision’ over the three days, delivering activities that ranged from cooking workshops, live music, poetry workshops, and dance, to the launch of the Here I Stand poetry book with Edinburgh International Book Festival, and an interactive gallery full of amazing creative pieces from young people with care experience.

For a full run down, you can download the programme of events here.

We also recorded some of our sessions, which you can watch below.

On Tuesday 8th June, we kicked off our three day ‘Voice and Vision: Creativity and Care Experience’ with a launch event.  During this event, Carole Patrick from the Life Changes Trust gave some context to 'Voice and Vision' and why the Trust had wanted to showcase creativity as a platform for empowerment. Lorraine Simpson from The Lines Between talked about their independent evaluation of the Trust’s relationship-based practice investments, and the impact of creative approaches on positive relationships.  Ruth Kerracher from Staf and Kirsty Nairn from the National Lottery Community Fund joined Lorraine and Carole on our Q&A panel, and Mhairi Reid gave a taster of what was coming up in Voice & Vision. 

Watch the 'Voice and Vision' launch event, below

Also on Tuesday, we launched 'Voice & Vision: The Gallery'. The Voice & Vision Gallery is an online space where the creative energy and talents of people with care experience are showcased and celebrated. At this official opening, some of the young people who acted as Gallery Curators talked about the process of curating creative pieces and designing a space where this work can be appreciated by everyone. 

Watch the launch of the 'Voice and Vision' gallery, below

On Wednesday 9th June, we officially launched ‘Here I Stand’ in partnership with The Edinburgh International Book Festival.  ‘Here I Stand’ is a collection of poems and reflections from young people with experience of the care system. It’s a powerful collection that supports young people to express themselves using their creative voice. At this event, we heard from young people and adults involved in the project and from practitioners who have welcomed and promoted the book. We also had some readings from some of the authors featured in the book. The event was chaired by Genevieve Fay, who is the Communities Programme Officer, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. 

Watch the launch of ‘Here I Stand', below.

Thursday 10th June - Rights, Inclusion and Creativity: Aberlour
In this workshop we learned about the importance of creative approaches and building relationships with young people who have experienced care and who have a disability. We heard how young people are supported to have their voices heard and be central in making decisions about their own lives. This event was chaired by the brilliant Ruth and Robert from Aberlour.

Watch 'Rights, Inclusion and Creativity', below.


The Life Changes Trust would like to thank everyone who supported this 3-day festival, and helped shine a light on the power of creativity. We would also like to thank the myriad of talented young people who produced incredible work, showing that creativity is a powerful tool to express their own voices and their own visions.