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West Lothian Youth Action Project

West Lothian Youth Action Project was awarded £150,669 to run from June 2018 to May 2021

Young people with care experience have told us that they would love more opportunities to be active and have fun, developing their interests and trying out new things in areas such as music, art, sport and crafts. The Creative and Active Lives funding initiative was created with this in mind.

The funding will support young people with care experience to increase their social networks, skills and improve their health. These projects all have young people at their heart, as the Trust works with organisations that create opportunities for young people to design and lead programmes themselves. The Trust awarded a total of £1,746,170 to fourteen Creative and Active Lives projects across Scotland.

Working in partnership, West Lothian Council Arts Service, Inclusion and Aftercare Team and West Lothian Youth Action Project, are delivering the ‘Creative and Active Futures’ Project.

This project aims to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of young people with care experience across West Lothian, by engaging them in a supported, person centred program of creative, active and group-based activities. The project also provides a platform for them to have a voice and to create opportunities to influence future improvements for themselves and their peers.

In consultation with young people, the project provides opportunities such as dance, film making, parent & child activities, rock climbing, fishing, football, going away on residentials, support attending groups, cooking and sharing meals. It also includes group work that focuses on supporting young people to take the lead in the ongoing development of the project. This covers project design and activity selection, peer support and the interviewing and appointment of staff.

As a result of engagement with this project, young people with care experience are improving their physical and mental wellbeing, through being given the opportunity to express and articulate both their individual views and their collective experiences of care and what that means to them.

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