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Y Sort-It - Buddy Up

Y Sort-It was awarded funding of £89,304 for the period of October 2015 to October 2018

The Trust’s investment in peer mentoring is centred upon providing opportunities for stable and supportive relationships for young people with care experience to help them build loving, healthy, interdependent relationships in the future.

Peer mentoring is a form of one-to-one mentoring that usually takes place between a person who has lived through a specific experience and a person who is new to that experience. Mentors can offer support, encouragement and, where appropriate, guidance and advice. Mostly, they offer a listening ear and a consistent presence.

The six peer mentoring projects funded by Life Changes Trust were due to finish in October 2017, but were extended to October 2018 in order to secure the greatest benefit.

Y Sort-It’s ‘Buddy Up’ project supported young people with care experience in West Dunbartonshire to develop and sustain positive relationships with someone who had a shared experience of care.

Peer mentors supported young people to realise their full potential and to become active and healthy members of their community. 

Mentees worked with their mentors to set goals to improve their opportunities and experiences. One young person was supported to complete a five-day course designed to give insight into the role of a firefighter and another undertook an ambitious goal of sailing around the west coast with the Scottish Ocean Youth Trust.  With the help of mentors, young people also had support to develop meaningful relationships - for example, separated siblings had the opportunity to spend some quality time together, doing fun activities.

Another benefit of the Buddy Up project was that young people with care experience had opportunities for gaining training and experience as mentors themselves. Y Sort-It ensured that their training was the most relevant and up-to-date, with residential training courses on issues around internet safety, drugs and alcohol and positive relationships, as well as food hygiene or Health and Behaviour Change training.

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