Dundee Champions Board

Award: £225,674
Timescale: April 2016- 2019

Project aims

The purpose of this grant funding award is to further develop Dundee Champions Board for care experienced young people with a particular focus on:

  • care experienced young people developing positive relationships and becoming active citizens through participation
  • care experienced young people feeling able to shape policy/practice relating to their lives
  • service providers and corporate parents developing better insights into the lives of care experienced young people
  • practitioners and carers having improved opportunities to strengthen relationship-based practice
  • improving understanding of effective Corporate Parenting at all levels within organisations
  • informing and inspiring others in their interaction with care experienced young people

More Information

Recent activities by the Champions Board include:

  • applying for funding for outdoor learning team-building activities 
  • designing their own Champions Board hoodies
  • establishment of a Champions Board in local schools
  • improvements in houses such as young people having their own keys, friends coming over for sleepovers, family days and getting it right for every pet, their animal friendly policy which allows houses to have pets

Progress and Highlights

As of April 2017:

  • 41 care experienced young people are involved in the Dundee Champions Boards and related activities, through the Young People Participation Group (YPPG).
  • 5 Schools now either have or are rolling out their own Champions Boards, based on the success of Morgan Academy having their own Champions Board

YPPG members attended a meeting with the Minister for Early Years and Childhood at a National Care Day event. This resulted in the minister accepting an invite to their Champions Board meeting in June 2016.  In partnership with Dundee Council, they also applied and received funding for the YPPG to go to Teen Ranch. The young people went rifle shooting, horse riding, canoeing, and participated in archery. These young people said they spent the day 'supporting each other' and 'pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones'. 

Morgan Academy in Dundee has their own Champions Board, which has led to changes in educational support such as increased support hours, and the education staff are being supported to be more reactive to the needs of care experinened young people.

Young people who are part of the YPPG have been involved with council interviews for new staff.

What care experienced young people are saying about the Champions Board:

“It helps me understand why I’m in care” 

“It gives me more confidence; if I can’t speak to my social worker I can speak at the champ’s board” 

“It takes the weight off of my shoulders, it’s like a family”

Read our Champions Board Year One Impact and Learning Report - all the key insights and learning from our first year of funding Champions Boards in Scotland.

Outcomes we'd like to see

  • care experienced young people benefit from involvement in champions boards 
  • organisations strengthen their commitment, knowledge, skills and capacity
  • policy and practice become more responsive to care experienced young people
  • public awareness and attitudes become increasing positive towards care experienced young people
  • care experienced young people benefit from service improvements

Additional Information

Awardee Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DundeeChampionsBoard/