Falkirk Champions Board

Award: £201,160
Timescale: July 2016- 2019

Project aims

The purpose of this grant funding award is to establish Falkirk’s Champions Board approach for care experienced young people with a particular focus on creating a Champions Board which is a powerful and dynamic force for improving the lives of care experienced young people (care experienced young people) in the Falkirk area. This will include:

  • developing routes for effective participation of care experienced young people where they feel able to shape policy/practice relating to their lives and by developing and enhancing the existing Have Your Say Group
  • improvement to service design, commissioning and funding decisions so they better meet the needs of care experienced young people
  • improved visibility and understanding of the issues facing care experienced young people are more visible and better understood

More Information

Highights and Progress

As of April 2017:

The Falkirk Champions Board have worked hard to progress the response to the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. This has led to the views of care experienced young people being taken into account and included.

Care leavers are now a protected group of the Falkirk local authority's Equality and Poverty Impact Assesement process.

The Children's Commission has endorsed a high level structure which places corporate parenting and the Champions Board at the highest level of the organisation.

The young people are currently taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award which has increased their confidence and skills. They are also designing and voting on their own logo.

Read our Champions Board Year One Impact and Learning Report - all the key insights and learning from our first year of funding Champions Boards in Scotland.


Outcomes we'd like to see

  • care experienced young people benefit from involvement in champions boards 
  • organisations strengthen their commitment, knowledge, skills and capacity
  • policy and practice become more responsive to care experienced young people
  • public awareness and attitudes become increasing positive towards care experienced young people
  • care experienced young people benefit from service improvements