Glasgow's Golden Generation

Award: £34,986
Timescale: 2019 - 2020

Project aims

The aim of the project is to make Glasgow’s Golden Generation a Dementia Friendly Community throughout all of its services. People affected by dementia will be included in decision making, shaping and running their service. 

  • Glasgow’s Golden Generation will become a Dementia Friendly Community 
  • older adults with dementia will be more included in Glasgow’s Golden Generation’s services 
  • older adults will maintain links with their Dementia Friendly Community when they move on to other services 


Glasgow’s Golden Generation (GGG) is a charity that has been supporting older adults across Glasgow since 1948, when it was founded as “Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Committee”, to alleviate loneliness and isolation in the elderly.

Much has changed over the course of 70 years, however the need for the charity’s services is greater than ever. People are living longer and facing multiple health conditions, including dementia, meaning they are less mobile in their later years. Glasgow's Golden Generation aims to support older adults to alleviate loneliness and isolation, allowing them to live independently and actively for as long as possible. It provides “care in the autumn years” and does this through four key services: 

  • Welfare Officers – a team of experienced Welfare Officers who assess older adults for benefit eligibility and assist in applications. Officers also signpost onto other services within and beyond GGG. 
  • Weekly Clubs – over 70 weekly clubs providing support, socialisation and friendship for older adults in their communities
  • Befriending – trained staff and Befriending volunteers visit older adults in their homes to provide company and support a Befriendee through interaction back into their community
  • Day Care Centres – non Care Inspectorate registered day care centres which provide activities, support and a nutritious meal for older adults, 5 days a week

Currently GGG has no defined Dementia Strategy, and is looking to employ a Dementia Development Manager who will lead a one-year pilot study in the East End of Glasgow and will be responsible for enabling GGG to become a thriving Dementia Friendly Community.

More Information

Through research in their centres, Glasgow’s Golden Generation (GGG) estimate that 80% of their service users are living with some form of dementia. Over the past few years they have seen more and more older adults with dementia coming into contact with the organisation and whilst they have staff trained in Dementia Awareness and run Dementia Friendly projects such as their Dementia Friendly Walking Group, they do not have a Dementia Strategy.

This project will address the need for GGG to expand on their beginnings as a Dementia Friendly Organisation, meaning all service users and clients affected by dementia will have a say in how they are supported. GGG want to ensure people living with Dementia feel welcomed by the charity and are able to stay engaged with their services for as long as possible.

In order to achieve this, Glasgow’s Golden Generation will employ a Dementia Development Manager, who will be responsible for analysing the needs of the organisation and identifying ways of making the charity Dementia Friendly. The post holder will devise a Dementia Strategy that sits alongside GGG’s services, allowing service users affected by dementia to remain engaged with their peers and the organisation. The Dementia Development Manager will work with other Dementia Friendly Communities, attend networking events and source/deliver training –created in partnership with service users who live with dementia and their carers– to staff and volunteers within GGG.

New activities will allow those living with dementia to continue to engage with the wider community, and integration with other older adults who might not have the same care needs will be encouraged. Such activities could include:

  • Introduction of Therapet(s) 
  • Alternative therapies such as Tai Chi and Reiki 
  • Reminiscence in the form of Art, Crafts, Dancing and Drama groups 
  • Visits to local Museums and landmarks 
  • Gardening 
  • Carpet Bowls 

As part of this project, Glasgow’s Golden Generation will also investigate ways of maintaining links with older adults who move on from the charity’s services, and ways of working with local care homes. This would mean retaining relationships and ensuring ongoing more formalised relationships with other organisations and care providers. 

Outcomes we'd like to see

For this project, we would like to see the following outcomes:

  • people affected by dementia have a significant say in how their dementia friendly community is run
  • they know they have a community of support around them
  • they are included
  • they are safe, listened to, valued and respected
  • they are able to do the things that matter to them

Additional Information

Find out more about Glasgow's Golden Generation on their website.