Highland Community Planning Partnership Champions Board

Award: £225,000
Timescale: April 2016- 2019

Project aims

The purpose of this grant funding award is to further develop Highland’s Champions Board for care experienced young people with a particular focus on:

  • increasing participation of care experienced young people across the geography of the Highlands
  • improving the understanding of effective Corporate Parenting across all levels of organisations
  • further developing relationship based practice
  • Increasing employment opportunities for care experienced young people
  • further developing opportunities for care experienced young people to explore their leadership skills and abilities
  • ensuring that care experienced young people have every opportunity to promote their work on the Care Experienced Improvement Group and raise the profile of care experienced young people’s needs and what services need to do to meet their corporate parenting responsibilities

More Information

Progress and Highlights

As of April 2017:

69 care experienced young people have been involved the Champions Board and related activities, with 53 representatives from service providers and corporate parents attending.

Care experienced young people have highlighted that health, wellbeing and access to activities was a problem for them financially. To help with this a reduced care leavers entrance fee of only 50p was put into place across the Highlands in a variety of facilities, to make them more accessible. With travel also presenting as a challenge in the area, they have also managed to negotiate a 50 pence fare with a travel pass that has been put into place through working with Stagecoach and Bluebird. 

After a few years of hard work, a property will be developed and opened in the summer of 2017, and will be used as a skills academy for the young people. With help from Eden Court, they have also produced several videos filled with further resources and highlighting the issues faced by care experienced young people. 

To promote a ‘Relationship Based Practice’, the Champions Board provided training from YPeople and CELCIS for residential staff within the statutory, 3rd sector, and private provision. 

Read our Champions Board Year One Impact and Learning Report - all the key insights and learning from our first year of funding Champions Boards in Scotland.

Outcomes we'd like to see

  • care experienced young people benefit from involvement in champions boards 
  • organisations strengthen their commitment, knowledge, skills and capacity
  • policy and practice become more responsive to care experienced young people
  • public awareness and attitudes become increasing positive towards care experienced young people
  • care experienced young people benefit from service improvements

Additional Information

Awardee Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Highland-Champions-Board-145140092631389/