Midlothian Champions Board

Award: £193,380
Timescale: July 2016- 2019

Project aims

The purpose of this grant funding award is to further develop Midlothian’s Champions Board for care experienced young people with a particular focus on:

  • corporate Parents and care experienced young people developing a shared Champions Board vision and value base  
  • corporate Parents viewing the active involvement and engagement of care experienced young people as a positive driver for transformational change
  • corporate Parents understanding that learning from care experienced young people and their unique insight can positively reshape, influence and improve services,
  • care experienced young people and care leavers being able to their Corporate Parents to account

More Information

Progress and Highlights

As of April 2017:

In the first 6 months, 14 young people have attended Champions Boards and related activities.

Holding Champions meetings has generated an increased awareness of corporate parenting responsibilities. For example, Midlothian’s police champion asked young champions to help guide him with his corporate parenting strategy.

The young people of the Champions Board participated in the evaluation of Midlothian Councils Children’s Services “Outcome Focussed” assessment tool, which is highly geared towards the views of the young person.

The young Champions are about to embark on a SQA accredited pre tenancy course which has been designed to equip the young people with the skills to acquire and sustain their own tenancy.

Read our Champions Board Year One Impact and Learning Report - all the key insights and learning from our first year of funding Champions Boards in Scotland.

Outcomes we'd like to see

  • care experienced young people benefit from involvement in champions boards 
  • organisations strengthen their commitment, knowledge, skills and capacity
  • policy and practice become more responsive to care experienced young people
  • public awareness and attitudes become increasing positive towards care experienced young people
  • care experienced young people benefit from service improvements

Case study

“Since being involved with Who Cares? Scotland I have become a member of the Midlothian Champions Board. I have also done a few consultations with them. Champions Board social nights are just fun when we get a chance to just hang out and have a good time…At times I feel I have [increased my confidence and self-esteem] because I can speak to more people that are my own age but also speaking to the Champions at the Board Meetings, talking to adults, and sticking up for kids in care.” (Care experienced young person, Midlothian Champions Board)