Rights Made Real in Care Homes

The Life Changes Trust has invested £135,000 to ensure that the rights of people living with dementia in care homes are recognised and respected. 

Care homes across Scotland will benefit from the funding, and will use it to demonstrate how they support the inclusion and participation of residents with dementia in a meaningful way, so that residents have a genuine say in their own day to day lives. Sometimes the human rights of residents living in care homes can be forgotten or ignored, especially if they have a cognitive impairment like dementia. 

Last year, the Scottish Government published Scotland’s new Health and Social Care Standards.  These Standards state that everyone in Scotland deserves to receive the care and support that is right for them, focussing on people rather than just ticking boxes. They aim to encourage health and social care providers to think about what really matters to people who receive services, and their experience of the care they receive.

Each of the funded projects is designed to show how these Standards will work in practice, demonstrating how to treat residents with real respect and dignity.