Shared Lives Moray report

Shared Lives Plus Award for producing Shared Lives Moray report

"This report looks at the impact Shared Lives Moray has on older people and those living with dementia."

In March 2018, the Trust awarded £8,000 to Shared Lives Plus to fund the commissioning of an independent narrative and public-facing report on the Shared Lives Moray model of social care which would illustrate its impact on the lives of older people using the service, including people with dementia and their unpaid carers.

Shared Lives Moray offers support to vulnerable adults to remain in their own homes, or with family carers, for as long as possible.  The service offered to people living with dementia is mostly day care, with some short break respite.  The service operates from the home of an approved, self-employed carer living locally which in turn is the starting point for doing activities together including going out and doing activities in the local community.

The report is based on interviews with people with dementia, their family carers, Shared Lives paid carers and members of Moray Council staff.  The service is local-authority-run rather than Moray Council commissioning a voluntary sector organisation to deliver it.

It evidences positive impact on the wellbeing of people living with dementia, including ongoing connectedness to their communities, increased emotional wellbeing and the ability to delay moving into residential care.  Most participants reported the relationship between the person with dementia and the Shared Lives carer is key.  There is also evidence of positive impact for family carers such as an increased ability to cope with the pressure of caring for a relative and greater consistency in support.

The report also looks at costs and how the Shared Lives Moray service compares to more traditional forms of day provision, citing findings from an economic study by PPL, commissioned earlier by Shared Lives Plus: ‘An independent review of Shared Lives for older people and people living with dementia’ (2017). 

That UK-wide research report noted that the costs of Shared Lives solutions are in line with ‘traditional’ respite and day care provision, the service has potential to make savings in terms of reduced usage of health services, and the evidence suggested the Shared Lives pricing approach may be more sustainable for the effective delivery of respite care services than ‘traditional’ forms.

Read the Shared Lives Moray report here

Download the Shared Lives Plus UK report ‘An independent review of Shared Lives for older people and people living with dementia’ here