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Relationship-based Practice Evidence and Learning

On the 5th October 2021, the Life Changes Trust hosted an online webinar, entitled ‘Relationship-based Practice Learning and Evaluation' Event. 

The purpose of this webinar was to explore the impact and learning that has come from two Trust funded initiatives - ‘Creative and Active Lives’ and ‘Workforce Development’ - both of which had a focus on building relationships and having them central to their work. The evaluation of these initiatives was carried out by The Lines Between.



Read the Relationship-based Practice Evaluation Report here

The Life Changes Trust views relationships as the heart of meaningful engagement with young people with care experience. We believe that trust is the foundation of relationship-building and crucial for any young person with care experience, particularly those who may not have felt acknowledged or listened to before. 

We began funding 'Creative and Active Lives' and 'Workforce Development' projects in 2018, and we then appointed The Lines Between to carry out an evaluation of these projects, to examine the outcomes they achieved individually; and to explore the role that relationship-based practice played in their approach, and what influence this approach had within their organisational cultures.  During our webinar, we looked at what we can learn from these projects and how we can encourage this relational approach in our own work and that of others.

  • We heard from Mhairi Reid, Evidence and Influencing Coordinator at the Life Changes Trust, who talked about what ‘relationship-based practice’ looks like and feels like to us as a Trust - in our own practices as an organisation, with young people and with those we fund.  
  • We then heard from three of our funded projects – Aberlour’s Love Inc project, the Fostering Network’s Young Advocates and the Citizen’s Theatre ‘We Are Citizens’ project – as they talked about their take on what relationships meant within the context of their projects, and beyond. 
  • And we also heard a song, ‘The Place That I Call Home’ a beautiful song by the Young Advocates project, who use music and the arts as a way of having their voices heard and tackling the stigma that surrounds care.
  • Lorraine Simpson and Mike Nicholson from the Lines Between gave an overview of the evaluation of our Creative and Active Lives and Workforce Development initiatives and looked at the key learning and key messages around relationship-based practice.
  • We also held a Q&A panel session. Our panel included Mhairi Reid from the Life Changes Trust, Lorraine Simpson from The Lines Between, Sylvia Douglas from MsMissMrs and Carolyn Sawers from the Corra Foundation. 

After the conference, the Life Changes Trust put together a summary/evaluation report which includes a brief summary of the event, discussion points during the Q&A session and the key messages that people felt were important to influence change going forward.

You can download the Relationship-based Practice Learning Event Summary & Evaluation Report here

You can watch a recording of our full webinar, or you can just watch some of the presentations, below, whatever works for you.  

You can watch the full webinar, below (the Q&A section is at timecode 59.58)


You can watch Mhairi Reid's presentation, below


You can watch the Love Inc project, the Young Advocates and the ‘We Are Citizens’ film, below

You can watch Lorraine Simpson and Mike Nicholson's presentation, below

You can watch 'The Place That I Call Home' by the Young Advocates Project, below

The Life Changes Trust would like to thank Aberlour’s Love Inc project, the Fostering Network’s Young Advocates, the Citizen’s Theatre ‘We Are Citizens’ project, Lorraine Simpson, Mike Nicholson, Sylvia Douglas, and Carolyn Sawers.