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Rights made real in care homes - Evidence and Learning

The Life Changes Trust invested £135,000 to support seven projects across Scotland to promote the inclusion and participation of care home residents with dementia in a meaningful way. The Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care Standards state that everyone in Scotland deserves to receive the care and support that is right for them.

Each of the funded projects was designed to show how these standards can work in practice, demonstrating how to treat residents with real respect and dignity and uphold their human rights.

The initiative funded creative and innovative projects and ways of working to benefit people living with dementia and show others how to make rights real in care homes. All of the projects are committed to ensuring that older people, including those living with dementia, have a right to maintain strong connections with family and friends, with their communities and with the things that matter to them regardless of where they live.

This programme of work is supported by Scottish Care and My Home Life. They have been awarded Trust funding to give direction and focus to the programme, by providing a knowledge and practice based human rights perspective. On their website, Scottish Care provide information and resources relating to human rights to help providers make rights real in their care services.

Their project officer also writes a regular blog on issues facing those living with dementia in care homes, and the impact that this funding is having.

Read her blog here

Read more about Scottish Care here

Read more about My Home Life here

In January 2021, the Life Changes Trust commissioned a report that pulled together a collection of stories from the project sites.

These stories showcase good practice in the care homes, particularly in relation to observing and promoting people’s human rights. They show that adopting a human-rights based approach is not something people working in care homes should view with anxiety, but instead recognise that it is about building on many of the attitudes they currently possess and activities they currently practise.

The overall aim of the project and the stories is to inform and encourage workers in care homes across Scotland in their efforts to meet the new health and social care standards and provide care that recognises human rights, promotes people’s dignity and demands only the highest quality level of service.

You can read this wonderful collection of stories here


You can also read each individual care home story, separately.

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North East Angus Care Home Improvement Group