Everything we do at the Life Changes Trust is underpinned by our commitment to improving the lives of care experienced young people and people affected by dementia.

When we decide what and how to fund, we make sure that we hear from and involve our beneficiaries, taking into account their thoughts, opinions and experiences.

Our approach to funding will be mixed, in order to increase our reach and our effectiveness.

  • Open Call: where any organisation which meets specified criteria can apply. For example, our first open call funding initiative was our Dementia Friendly Communities funding, which saw successful applications from all across Scotland.
  • Pilot: we will pilot some types of funding to see if certain approaches are appropriate and effective. For example, we piloted direct grants to both care-experienced young people and people affected dementia.
  • Targeted: the Trust may target some funding, inviting particular organisations to apply. This can be to carry out specific pieces of work, or it can be in the shape of development funding. This is the approach we took to our first funding award to Who Cares? Scotland.
  • Joint Development: we will support the development of some funding proposals, where we work collaboratively with other organisations to develop clarity about funding priorities and initiatives. For example, the Trust jointly funded a survey on public attitudes to dementia with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to help inform our future work around increasing awareness of dementia, and tackling the related stigma.

However we fund, at the heart of our work will always be the needs, views and well-being of care experienced young people and people affected by dementia.